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High-Power, Rear-Maintainable VXI 4.0 Mainframe


The Racal Instruments™ 1263HPr VXI 4.0 high-power 13-slot mainframe allows you to leverage the speed and power of the newest VXI 4.0 standard. The high-power and cooling capability make it ideal for housing the latest generation of high-performance VXIbus instruments, such as high-power digital test instruments.

High Power And Extensive Cooling
The 1263HPr is capable of delivering up to 3.8 kW of power to the VXIbus modules to meet the most power-hungry applications.

The power supply and fan tray are also easily removable from the rear of the chassis using a blind-mate connector system, thus reducing the time to replace these items. This makes the mainframe ideal for rear-maintainable test system applications. 

In addition, the chassis provides both temperature and voltage monitoring. A fault indicator is flagged in the event that one of the VXIbus power supply outputs is out of tolerance or if the intake or exhaust air exceed their temperature limits. LAN monitoring is available.

Safe Operation
The 1263HPr delivers 3.8 kW to 13 VXI 4.0 slots. This power level requires adequate cooling and monitoring to ensure reliable system operation, especially when modules with high internal power dissipation are used.

Substantial cooling is provided with 1280 CFM of cooling air directed from the front and side air inlets to the module slots and circulated out the top and rear of the mainframe.

Fan speed, the outlet temperature of each slot, ambient temperature, and rail voltages are all monitored and tied to programmable alarms that report out-of-tolerance conditions via a discrete fault indicator or over the LAN.

VXI 4.0 Support
The 1263HPr backplane fully supports VXI 4.0 including parallel transfer up to 320 MB/s with 2eSST protocol, which was created to handle high-speed transfer rates. New 5-row P1 and P2 connectors provide more power and speed while maintaining compatibility with pre-existing VXI applications.

1263 Series
The 1263 series also includes the high-power, front-maintainable 1263HPf and medium-power, front-maintainable 1263MPf.

Product Features: 
  • Rear-removable power supply tray and fan tray
  • LAN backplane monitoring of voltage, temperature, and fan speed
  • 3.8 kW of usable power delivered to VXI 3.0 or 4.0 compatible modules
  • VXI 4.0 backplane for ultra-high speed and power
  • Automatic fan speed control for quiet operation