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200 MS/s Waveform Generator and Dual 50 MHz Pulse Timing Generator


The Racal Instruments™ 3172, a 200 MS/s Waveform Generator and Dual 50 MHz Pulse and Timing Generator, combines multi-instrument density and high-frequency performance in a single-slot, C-sized VXIbus format.

Waveform output in the range of 100 µHz to 30 MHz with 16-bit vertical resolution (12-bit vertical for 3171 emulation) and pulse output to 50 MHz make the 3172 a powerful solution to a variety of test stimulus requirements.

Multi-Instrument Functionality
The 3172 is a synergistic combination of an Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG) and a Dual Pulse Generator. In fact, it is really up to four independent instruments in one module that may be used simultaneously for up to four separate purposes or together to create complex pulse or trigger sequences.

System modularity is maximized by allowing the 3172 to be configured as one AWG and two pulse generators or in any combination of these two items.

The 3172-W6P2 is the recommended replacement for the legacy 3171 AWG/ Dual Pulse Generator because it emulates the software commands, waveforms, and trigger modes of the original unit when set to "Legacy" mode.

In addition, two output ranges (0 to +20 V and 0 to -20 V) have been added and are accessible from "Legacy" mode. Isolated output of the waveform generator is not emulated.

 "Modern" mode adds many features including internal modulation (AM, FM, frequency and amplitude hopping, sweep, FSK, etc.), LAN control, USB I/O, higher frequency output waveforms, more waveform memory, modular configuration, a built-in counter/timer, waveform segments and sequences, peak output mode, 11-digit frequency resolution, higher speed operation, and phase locking.

Built-In Digital Word Generator
The AWG output is available as both an analog signal (up to 22 Vpk-pk into 50 Ω) or as a 12-bit digital word with TTL levels that can source or sink 15 mA. This powerful feature may be used as 12 synchronous TTL pulse outputs or as a 12-bit digital pattern generator.  

External Amplitude Modulation (AM)
The AWG output may be controlled in amplitude by an external DC signal up to ±10 V or modulated in amplitude by an external AC signal up to 1 MHz.

This feature allows for real-time control of the AWG output for both control system applications and AM signal generation for telecom applications.

The W2 option provides high-performance AM operation while the W6 option provides AM operation that is compatible with the legacy 3171.

Dual Pulse Generator
The two pulse generator outputs are available with programmable rise and fall times ranging from 10 ns to 5 ms. Pulse and double pulse width and delay parameters are programmable on both pulse generators from 8 ns to 10 s with up to 10 ps resolution.

Flexible Triggering
Output channels may be synchronized to each other or to other 3172 modules within the same VXI mainframe using triggers. Waveforms may be output continuously, one or more cycles per trigger or under the control of a gate signal. A sync and cursor output signal provides external synchronization.

True Arbitrary Waveforms and DDS Waveforms
Each 3172 waveform channel can be set to output a true arbitrary waveform played from waveform memory in either standard, user, or sequence mode. In modulated mode, a Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) waveform is substituted. Thus, the 3172 provides the two most popular digital waveform generation techniques.

Product Features: 
  • 200 MS/s, 22 Vpk-pk or 20 Vpk arbitrary waveforms
  • Built-in waveforms: Triangle, Sine, Square, Ramp, Pulse, Arbitrary, and DC
  • 1 M waveform memory
  • Dual 50 MHz, 22 Vpk-pk or 20 Vpk pulse generator
  • Trigger delays up to 10 s with 10 ps resolution
  • External 1 MHz amplitude modulation
  • Register- or message-based VXIbus or LAN operation