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Racal Instruments 1263The chassis is the foundation of an ATE system. We design and manufacture a wide range of test instrumentation chassis, which may include linear power supplies as well as adaptations for specialized applications; some are portable, while others are more suited for rack mounting.

The company’s flagship product is the 1261B high-performance VXI chassis, which is considered the standard for most military ATE systems. The 1261B benefits from our years of experience as a leading VXI mainframe manufacturer evident in our Racal Instruments™ brand. The 1261B delivers maximum performance and reliability at a competitive price. All 1261B chassis include full-power protection features such as overvoltage and overcurrent protection, and also incorporate a quick-check diagnostic connector to verify performance of power supply voltages, currents and specific VXI signals.

The latest addition to our Racal Instruments™ chassis family is the 1263 series, which includes medium-power (1263MPf) and high-power (1263HPf and 1263HPr) models that leverage all the features of the VXI 4.0 standard for performance that meets your most demanding test requirements. The 1263 series is ideal for digital test applications.  For more information on these high-performance chassis, please contact us.

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