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RF Interface Units

Reliable   •  Scalable   •   Cost-effective

Astronics Test Systems features the industry's most advanced switch system units, led by the sixth-generation Racal Instruments™ 1257A RF Interface Units (RFIUs) The units are are scalable and modular, in sizes from 1U to 6U and with a range of customization options.

Containing industry-standard interfaces, a rich SCPI command set, and IVI drivers, the RFIUs are easy to use and compatible with most software environments. In addition, all units include relay counters to monitor end of life, so the user will know when the relays need to be replaced. This ensures they will not fail during an important test.

The 1257A-1 through 1257A-4 high-density, front-pluggable COTS switch systems are scalable and offer a variety of topologies. For example, the 1U version accommodates up to 12 front-pluggable, non-terminated RF relays with choices from among dual SPDTs, transfer switches, SP4Ts, and SP6Ts at frequencies up to 18 GHz. The 2U through 4U versions can accommodate terminated or non-terminated relays with frequencies up to 40 GHz.

The 1257A-D development versions of the system are intended for in-house development as a potential cost-saving mechanism. Astronics Test Systems provides the software and hardware building blocks necessary to customize the RF system to meet the user’s requirements. The user then assembles and configures the 1257-D, choosing from a wide variety of qualified RF component manufacturers.

When a custom-tailored solution is preferred, Astronics Test Systems designs and builds the 1257A-C to the user’s specifications, including full documentation and 100 percent reproducibility.