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Engine Testing Systems


Elevate your engine testing with the N-GENTM Test System from Astronics Test Systems. This turnkey solution provides a complete test environment for any type of engine and enables you to test engines faster while reducing cost.

From data acquisition through complete control rooms and facility integration, Astronics provides a system that is customized to your needs, your facilities, and your engine types. We offer solutions for thrust jet engines, turbo prop engines, and shaft engines to:

  • Save time and cost - with complete turnkey solutions
  • Provide flexibility - rapid configuring and reconfiguring for multiple engines and tests
  • Maintain your investment - modular architecture makes updates and upgrades simple
  • Secure your data - instrument independence keeps your customer's IP proprietary
  • Operate safely and efficiently - with 20+ years of proven service in the most demanding of environments 


All test systems are delivered with an open architecture and industry standard software for easy configuring and efficient operation.

A Robust Engine Testing Environment Based on a Proven Heritage

For more than 20 years, the N-GENTM Test System has successfully tested a spectrum of engine types in maintenance environments worldwide.We provide complete turnkey systems to meet all of your engine test needs, including: 

  • Engine and facility control and monitoring
  • Data acquisition systeme based on standard LabVIEW software
  • Fuel supply and monitoring
  • Test cell enclosures
  • Complete control rooms
  • Associated electrical systems
  • Closed circuit visual monitoring and recording systems
  • Communications systems
  • Test program sets already available for JETI, SETI, and TPTI programs of the U.S. Navy

In addition, count on Astronics Test Systems for the services that are essential to make any engine test program a success: 

          • Integrated logistics support
          • Site analysis
          • Documentation
          • Program management
          • Support for testing and correlation
          • Training
          • Warranty

View our complete capabilities and experience in our solution sheet, or contact us